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New Game Soon

2014-09-08 13:21:29 by mrlalala

I don't know if you are following MinusGames' posts but there will probably be a Quiz Game soon. The interactive part is mostly done (a bug here, a bug there) Got to start working on the graphic & sound aspect of the game. If you want to suggest a Theme, speak up! :)

Pop! Pop! Pop! 1.3

2013-10-06 02:38:43 by mrlalala

Pop! Pop! Pop! Version 3 is out!

Version. 1.3

- Auto Save Feature. You can continue later or you can get back to see the gallery again.
- Bonus Pictures if you get 100% on bonus labeled levels.
- Minor Level Tweaks.
- Balanced levels.
- More levels & more pictures!

Pop! Pop! Pop! 1.3

2013-10-04 20:10:52 by mrlalala

I will start to work on the version 1.3 tonight. With any luck I can release it today or tomorrow night.
This version would focus on:

- Auto Save Feature: Now that the game is no longer that easy and can break your PC a saving feature is needed.
- Bonus Images: This will give 100% accuracy a new incentive.
- More Levels!: Why not?